Lord & Benoit RSS Feed Lord & Benoit RSS Feed http://section404.org Lord & Benoit Report, Relaxed Sarbanes-Oxley Act Legislation, Completely Ineffective Report summarizing the negative consequences of relaxed legislation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for public companies in America over the past eight years… http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=44&news=Lord-&-Benoit-Report,-Relaxed-Sarbanes-Oxley-Act-Legislation,-Completely-Ineffective SOX SECTION 302 - SUMMARY REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST SOX SECTION 302 - SUMMARY REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=43&news=SOX-SECTION-302---SUMMARY-REQUIREMENTS-CHECKLIST Fraud in U.S. Non-Accelerated Filer Companies “Public companies have a sacred fiduciary duty to their investors and creditors to have strong internal controls that are verifiable and reviewed by well qualified, truly independent auditors.” ~ Sam E. Antar http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=42&news=Fraud-in-U.S.-Non-Accelerated-Filer-Companies Corporate Values Framework “Research has repeatedly shown that visionary companies that succeed for decades are guided by a set of unalterable values.” http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=41&news=Corporate-Values-Framework- The Lord & Benoit Reports The Lord & Benoit Reports http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=40&news=The-Lord-&-Benoit-Reports COSO Alignment Benefits of Applying New COSO Monitoring Guidance to SOX, NAIC and FDICIA Management http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=36&news=COSO-Alignment NAIC Annual Financial Reporting Model Regulation The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), formerly called the Model Audit Rule or MAR now requires non public insurance companies to include certain key provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=35&news=NAIC-Annual-Financial-Reporting-Model-Regulation Lord & Benoit White Paper: The Tipping Point: Collision of Relaxed Regulation, Small Business and the Economy “SOX 404 Could Have Saved Our Small Public Company” http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=34&news=Lord-&-Benoit-White-Paper:-The-Tipping-Point:-Collision-of-Relaxed-Regulation,-Small-Business-and-the-Economy First Year SOX Section 404 Results for Small Business News Articles First Year SOX Section 404 Complaince Results for Smaller Public Companies http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=33&news=First-Year-SOX-Section-404-Results-for-Small-Business-News-Articles The Sarbanes-Oxley Investment First-of-its-kind study quantifies actual SOX Section 404 compliance costs for smaller public companies http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=32&news=The-Sarbanes-Oxley-Investment U.S. Newspapers U.S. Newspapers that have referenced Lord & Benoit's research http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=25&news=U.S.-Newspapers- International Articles International Articles that has referenced our work http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=24&news=International-Articles Big 4 Quotes See how Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers have quoted our work http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=22&news=Big-4-Quotes COSO COSO, Committee of Sponsoring Organizations updates, First Sox Section 404 Compliance Firm to use COSO http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=21&news=COSO Accolades First SOX Section 404 Compliance Firm to Use COSO, SOX Section 404 Compliance, Appointed to COSO http://www.section404.org/news.php?id=20&news=Accolades